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the botox course has set the gold standard for neuromodulator training in Canada. For many medical professionals planning to enter the field of medical aesthetics, the path to gain firsthand experience and insightful knowledge can be confusing and daunting. We know this because we faced those struggles. We wished there was a course that could have provided us with the essentials; now there is because we created it! 

We have changed the field by creating a botox course that encourages and supports learners who want to expand their repertoire and enhances their prospects.

We offer a comprehensive, practical and anatomy-based course, designed to give learners the skills and knowledge to start injecting neuromodulators with confidence. With trained medical staff and business professionals teaching the course, anyone who attends, regardless of health care specialty, will come away with an invaluable new skill set.

We take great pride in delivering a gold standard for neuromodulator education in Canada. With courses available in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and more, the opportunity to expand your career is here for the taking. Experience the difference by signing up with the botox course today.

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What to Expect From the botox course

Our botox training course is designed for licensed health care professionals, including doctors (GPs and specialists), Nurses (NP’s, RN’s and LPN’s), Dentists and Pharmacists (AB only). We want to provide all these professions with the opportunity to administer neuromodulators and take the step into a career of medical aesthetics.


Our skilled doctors and nurses will teach this two-day course, providing you with an experienced team guiding you through the vital components of injections, resulting in a botox certification.


From the first day, you will be practicing injection techniques, and by the second day, you will be injecting patients. We aim to provide you with a hands-on approach so that you understand the techniques to administer neuromodulators safely. You will receive a complete supply kit ($300 value). As well as hands on training with real neuromodulators (BOTOX®, Dysport® and/or XEOMIN®) on patients that we provide.


We will provide you with anatomy, physiology and aesthetic training, giving you a more in-depth insight into how injections effect on the body. Furthermore, we will teach you about the legalities of botox and the business side of neuromodulators so that you understand the boundaries and limits of your career.


Everything you wished for in a course, we’ve included in ours. 


We only have one goal: to provide you with reliable information, safe injecting techniques, and hands-on training to prepare you to become a competent injector in the next step in your career.

botox training for dentists

Dentists are prime candidates for botox training; they may use it to treat a variety of patients with cosmetic and therapeutic botox, including TMJ/bruxism!

botox training for physicians

Invest in your career by learning something new. You may choose to take part in a botox course if you are interested in including cosmetic and therapeutic botox treatments in your clinical practice.

botox training for nurses

Interested in a career in aesthetic nursing? This botox training opens up new opportunities for fun and engaging careers in the nursing field with greater autonomy and flexibility.

Our Locations

More Locations Launching in 2020!

What’s Included in the botox course

  • Hands on training
  • Injecting patients with neuromodulators
  • Two days of informative and engaging lectures on cosmetic and therapeutic neuromodulator treatments
  • Relevant anatomy and physiology training
  • Complete injector supply kit ($300 value)
  • Taught by skilled doctors and nurses
  • Business management lectures
  • Printed course-related material
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Snacks, beverages and lunches included on both course days
  • Discounted rates for the filler course
  • A network to connect nurses with prescribers

The botox training that will
enhance your medical career

Whether you want to expand the services at your practice, or you’re planning to move onto the next stage of your career, our botox course is the course for you.


If you are a medical professional with an established practice, expanding into medical aesthetics will enhance its reputation and provide further support for your patients. Undertaking this course will provide you with the basis to grow your practice and offer a safe, medically-backed procedure. From a business viewpoint, it will increase the revenue and patient numbers to your practice.


If you are looking to enter into the field of medical aesthetics, our course will give you the platform to seek better opportunities!


Passion, experience and diligence are what we base our course on, and is what you will experience when you book your spot at the botox course. Check our calendar to see which cities we will be attending and reserve your spot. Feel free to chat with us by filling out an online form today.

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