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About Us


The botox course began with the goal of improving the standard of aesthetic education in Canada. Offering a uniquely comprehensive and evidence-based approach to training, the botox course is the most hands-on learning available in the country. Taught by passionate educators who share this vision, we aim to equip learners with not only the technical skills but also the essential communication skills and confidence necessary to succeed in this industry.


Dr. Andrew Dargie's dedication and passion for aesthetics led him to create a course that empowers medical professionals to succeed without facing the same challenges that he did. Despite investing over $100,000 in various certification programs, Dr. Dargie felt the training he received was missing critical elements. This realization motivated him to create a solution that provides more comprehensive, hands-on learning, that is evidence-based. With this innovative approach, Dr. Dargie has raised the standard in the industry and helped countless individuals to excel in their careers.

Since its inception in 2019, the botox course has trained over 1800 medical professionals looking to be highly skilled aesthetics injectors. The learner testimonials, reviews, and most importantly success stories from the botox course alumni are second to none. Our alumni network of nurses and physicians has built hundreds of successful aesthetics spas across Canada and led to highly rewarding aesthetics journeys for those who have trained with Dr. Andrew Dargie and his team of world-class educators.

  • Number of locations: 16
  • Number of Students: 1800+
  • Number of Patient Models: 3,456+

Message from Dr. Dargie

"It has been an honor successfully training thousands of medical professionals to expand their scope of practice to include medical aesthetics. The amount of gratitude and thanks that has been expressed by high achieving alumni has been overwhelming. Whether it be the botox course, the filler course, the sculptra course or any of our other gold standard training programs, I can personally guarantee anyone that enrolls will receive the best aesthetics training experience available today. There is no other education program in the world that has been built to pay for itself with a day of work and give someone the knowledge and ability to succeed in a career the way the botox course has. I look forward to meeting and training the next great wave of injectors who are looking to meet the rapidly growing demand for aesthetics procedures.”

Dr Dargie's Signature

Dr. Andrew Dargie

CEO and Founder of the botox course