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As a medical professional, patient safety is the number one priority. So how do you ensure you are offering the best possible standard of care and patient experience? By taking the botox course! Providing botox injections in your medical or dental practice can be a great way to improve one’s career satisfaction. Botox training in Calgary can help you expand your scope of practice, it can increase patient satisfaction as well as add additional yearly revenue to your business.


the botox course is the gold standard for neuromodulator training in Canada. We provide a comprehensive, interactive, and practical course that allows dentists, physicians, and nurses to learn the ins and outs of neuromodulator injections. Our curriculum involves hands-on training from medical professionals as well as business professionals who can help make your transition into medical aesthetics as informative as possible.


Our botox training covers both cosmetic injection techniques as well therapeutic treatment strategies for chronic migraines, hyperhydrosis and bruxism. Our goal is to encourage and support learners who want to expand their treatment repertoire and enhance their career satisfaction. Learn more about our courses offered in Calgary and sign up for the botox course today!


Dr. Dargie will be offering the comprehensive didactic lectures of the course live, online and this will be followed with the hands on injecting in clinic settings across the country. It is mandatory to complete the online learning PRIOR to the hands on clinic training.


Upcoming Live Online Didactic Learning:

  • the botox course – Saturday, October 17 (7AM-1PM PST)
  • the filler course – Sunday, October 18 (7AM-1PM PST)
  • the botox course – Wednesday, November 11 (3PM-8PM PST)
  • the filler course – Thursday, November 12 (3PM-8PM PST)
  • the botox course – Saturday, November 21 (7AM-1PM PST)
  • the filler course – Sunday, November 22 (7AM-1PM PST)

the botox course - Calgary *SOLD OUT*

Monday, September 21, 2020

the filler course - Calgary *SOLD OUT*

Tuesday, Sept 22 - Wednesday, Sept 23, 2020

the botox course - Calgary

Monday, October 19, 2020

the filler course - Calgary

Tuesday, Oct 20 - Wednesday, Oct 21, 2020

the botox course - Calgary

Friday, November 20, 2020

the filler course - Calgary

Saturday, Nov 21 - Sunday, Nov 22, 2020

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Preparing for a botox Course in Calgary

Our neuromodulator training course is designed for licensed health care professionals, including doctors (GPs and specialists), Nurses (NP’s, RN’s and LPN’s), Dentists and Pharmacists (AB only).



Our highly skilled physicians and nurse educators teach this intensive two-day course in major cities across Canada. Attendees can expect high yield learning the second the course starts. Day one, learners receive numerous engaging lectures, get syringes in their hands and participate in many hands on exercises. This continues on day two and by they end of the evening all learners will have performed numerous complete treatments and have utilized hundreds of units of neuromodulators each for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.



On top of the medical knowledge and hands on training with real neuromodulators (BOTOX®, Dysport® and/or XEOMIN®), attendees will also receive a lecture called the business of neuromodulators. This is taught by business professionals with finance backgrounds to ensure all medical professionals are aware of their legal responsibilities and the best ways to integrate this new skill set and business into their practice successfully. 



Everything you need in a course, we’ve included in the botox course. Our goal is simple: provide you with most reliable information, safe injecting techniques, and hands-on training to prepare you to become a competent injector and advance your career.

botox training for dentists

Dentists are medical professionals eligible for botox training. Neuromodulators can be used to treat a variety of relevant conditions such as chronic migraines and bruxism on top of the known cosmetic uses.

botox training for physicians

Invest in your career by learning something new. the botox course is your opportunity to safely incorporate cosmetic and therapeutic botox treatments into your clinical practice.

botox training for nurses

Interested in a career in aesthetic nursing? This neuromodulator training can open up new opportunities for fun and engaging careers in the nursing field with great autonomy and flexibility.

What’s Included in the botox course

The Benefits of Our Calgary botox Training

Medical aesthetics is a booming industry and neuromodulator treatments are in high demand. Not only can we help you launch into this potentially lucrative business, but we also give you a blueprint for success. Graduates from the botox course can experience significant growth in their practice, including an increase in revenue and personal satisfaction.

We are led by a passionate and experienced medical experts that deliver our botox training in Calgary. Check our calendar to see the next available course near you; we look forward to meeting you and providing the highest quality of education available today!

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