Can Botox Prevent Wrinkles?
Friday October 16, 2020

The answer is simple. YES! Botox is a brand of neuromodulator that relaxes the muscle. When muscles activate and contract, they cause wrinkles. 

Can You Offer A Simpler Explanation? 

Certainly! Dr. Dargie always tells medical professionals to think of a face like a sheet of paper. Fold that piece of paper over and over again, and the lines become permanent. By preventing that sheet of paper from folding, you avoid those permanent folds from forming. Simple right?

Well, not exactly! 

Poor Administering Can Lead To Problems 

If neuromodulators are injected incorrectly and relax the wrong muscles, adverse outcomes can occur. What would be an adverse outcome? 

An eyelid droop or double vision are possible bad outcomes if these medications are injected improperly. This is why it’s so important to choose an injector who is trained appropriately. 

All medical professionals who take the botox course are trained in comprehensive facial anatomy, ensuring they can inject the neuromodulator into muscles precisely and accurately. 

Understanding The Different Neuromodulators

Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Nuceiva are all brands of neuromodulators that are commonly used and taught in the botox course. Learners will get the opportunity to practice injecting multiple neuromodulators and learning their different properties, such as diffusion radius, molecular weight, and effect duration. All of these medications do a wonderful job of relaxing muscles and preventing wrinkles from occurring. 


Learn The Skills & Expand Your Practice With the botox course 

For medical professionals looking to expand their scope of practice to include botox injections, the botox course is Canada’s highest standard of botox training. 

Courses are offered across Canada, and trainees can expect to feel confident and know how to prevent wrinkles and permanent folds from forming. Didn’t someone say the best wrinkle is the one you’ve never had! 

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The botox course is Canada’s Gold Standard botox training. We provide a comprehensive and practical course aimed at teaching medical professionals the relevant skills and techniques required for botox injections. Our courses are designed for licensed and authorized health care professionals, including GPs, specialists, nurses, and dentists. We offer botox training courses in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montreal, Halifax, Victoria and Kelowna. Book your spot at one of our training courses today.