How Botox Can Help With Dental Conditions
Botox Training
Monday March 2, 2020

Botox treatments are well known for their cosmetic benefits. However, not as many people are aware that botox therapeutic can be used for many medical purposes.

This blog will focus on how botox can be used to treat common dental conditions such as teeth grinding and jaw clenching and how one can obtain a certification with botox training in Vancouver

How Botox Helps With Dental Issues 

Botox Cosmetic and Botox Therapeutic are the same drug, just with different names. It is necessary that all injectors must understand the value and significance of Botox therapeutic. 

Let’s first talk about bruxism.  This is also known as teeth grinding. This is a widespread patient complaint and one that dental offices see regularly. Often people try a mouthguard and relaxation techniques to reduce teeth grinding, but typically that is not enough to solve the problem. By relaxing the appropriate muscles of mastication, medical professionals can make a significant difference in patient lifestyle and offer a solution for a relatively bothersome condition. The botox course is Vancouver’s most comprehensive botox training program and includes botox therapeutic lectures that include relevant anatomy, landmarking, dosing and technique. 

Botox Training Vancouver

TMJ (also known as Temporomandibular dysfunction) is another common condition that can often be treated with therapeutic botox. Many people struggle with jaw pain, clicking and even locking, which can all be symptoms of TMJ. Knowing which muscles to target with Botox Therapeutic can help relieve symptoms associated with TMJ. 

Even a ‘Gummy Smile’ can be treated with botox. Most providers and patients are unaware that botox can provide relief for those who are concerned about showing too much gum when they smile. This is just another treatment option that the botox course guarantees learners are taught. 

Botox therapeutic can also be used for jaw reshaping and slimming. Often people with wider lower jaws/faces have excessive strength in chewing muscles. By utilizing neuromodulators, we teach trainees how to assess and safely inject patients for cosmetic purposes. The botox course teaches how to carefully address all of the aforementioned conditions as part of standardized botox training in Vancouver.  

We encourage all learners to look around before registering because it will give them peace of mind that they are getting the best value neuromodulator education possible today. They are taught both the cosmetic and most common therapeutic indications for neuromodulators. 

The botox course is Canada’s Gold Standard botox training. We provide a comprehensive and practical course aimed at teaching medical professionals the relevant skills and techniques required for botox injections. Our courses are designed for licensed and authorized health care professionals, including GPs, specialists, nurses, and dentists. We offer botox training courses in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montreal, Halifax, Victoria and Kelowna. Book your spot at one of our training courses today.