How Much Do Cosmetic Nurses Get Paid?
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Friday November 20, 2020

Ever wonder how much a different job pays? Well, we get asked this a lot by nurses who are considering the field of medical aesthetics.

This is obviously a good question to ask, but a highly variable one. We will do our best to address that topic here. 

Benefits of a Cosmetic Nurse Career  

Private Medicine 

First and foremost – cosmetic medicine is private medicine. This is so different compared to the work that we do in the hospital on a day to day basis. Typically, hospital nurses work 12-hour shifts and are paid a salary plus benefits and have a pension. A patient list is provided, and there is never any need to recruit patients, advertise, market, or pay overhead. This can be a big adjustment for people new to the industry. 

Personally & Financially Rewarding 

Cosmetic nursing is both personally and financially rewarding for those who are personable, hard-working, highly motivated and well trained to produce exceptional results. This can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time! Pay will often depend on experience and situation. Nurses must work with a medical director and are typically paid an hourly rate plus commission. Nurses who have a high volume of clients and can deliver comprehensive treatments are typically paid higher than they are in a hospital setting. 

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Why the botox course is necessary

What we have seen over the years is that the most successful nurses are the ones who work with a good mentor, acquire clients and grow within an existing and established clinic setting. Many people, even outside the medical aesthetics world, feel compelled to start their own business from day one. More often than not, this is unsustainable, and new injectors miss out on the opportunity to refine their skills to develop fundamentals required to succeed long term. 

Those who insist on trying to start on their own can get distracted by the seemingly endless obstacles that come with running a business, and this can limit clinical skill development. 

Dr. Dargie and his team are happy to support learners as they transition into practice through both fellowship and contract evaluation so that nurses that take the botox course are far more likely to succeed long term and become facial rejuvenation experts. 

The botox course is Canada’s Gold Standard botox training. We provide a comprehensive and practical course aimed at teaching medical professionals the relevant skills and techniques required for botox injections. Our courses are designed for licensed and authorized health care professionals, including GPs, specialists, nurses, and dentists. We offer botox training courses in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montreal, Halifax, Victoria and Kelowna. Book your spot at one of our training courses today.