The Gold Standard Botox & Filler Mentorship Opportunity
Friday May 7, 2021

Whether you are at the beginning of your career in medical aesthetics or already providing treatments, mentoring opportunities can help solidify and enhance your skills.

That is why one-on-one mentoring opportunities are available to nurses or doctors who have completed the botox course and the filler course

Who is Dr. Dargie? 

Dr. Dargie, the founder of the botox course and the filler course, wanted such an opportunity when he began his aesthetic training but could not find one. He believes that this mentoring opportunity for those who have successfully completed both the botox course and the filler course addresses the void in the industry.

This mentoring opportunity allows both new aesthetic practitioners and practitioners who want to advance their current practice to do so in an individualized program designed to meet their specific areas of interest. At Dr. Dargie’s high-volume clinic, you will have the opportunity to treat clients with Dr. Dargie’s oversight and to observe Dr. Dargie treat his clients. 

the botox course and the filler course mentorship programs provide you with the chance to ask a broad scope of questions related to your own particular practice and situation. You will also gain insight into what makes an effective and efficient aesthetics clinic, how to communicate effectively with clients, and how to avoid common pitfalls in the industry.  


What Does This Mentorship Include? 

Dr. Dargie will host and oversee the mentoring sessions, including client assessments, treatment planning, and injection techniques. 

An excellent teacher, he uses both his clinical acumen and his history of successes and challenges to provide you with solid, concrete, relevant takeaways from your mentorship experience. 

This kind of nurturing, individualized program can quickly improve both your knowledge and skills and help you work towards a level of excellence. Overall, it translates into more confidence for each mentee, which in turn, is experienced by patients and leads to a more enjoyable and rewarding aesthetic practice. 

The mentoring program provides you ample opportunity to share and discuss case studies and revisit topics from the botox course and the filler course with both Dr. Dargie and his staff. The goal is to ensure that each of your questions are addressed.

At the end of each training session, you will discuss cases of interest, review treatment outcomes, and help provide input into evaluating your progress which will be documented in an evaluation form. While the botox course and the filler course are both gold standard, stand-alone courses, the mentorship program offers you a superb opportunity to hone your skills in an individualized setting.

The botox course is Canada’s Gold Standard botox training. To find out more information about this mentorship program, please contact us at 1 (877) 392-6869.