“Being a patient model for this course was one of the best decisions I made! The medical staff that was teaching the course as well as those taking the course were professional, skilled, and respectful. They explained each step along the way, and always ensured my comfort and understanding. I felt I learned a lot as well. They took their time, and I felt very safe and knew I was in good hands. I would absolutely do this again. Wonderful experience. Thank you!”


“I have been getting botox for over 10 years and this by far has been my best experience. I was a little hesitant on my first appointment having students inject me. But rest assured you are in good hands. Dr. Dargie is an amazing instructor as well a the rest of the team. The students are well prepared for the treatments so no need to be nervous. Being a patient model allows me to have access to treatments that I would not be able to afford otherwise. As long as they are around I will continue my botox with the team.”


“I was super anxious arriving to my appointment with The Filler Course. However, all feelings left as soon as I walked into the room with Dr. Dargie and his team. The whole experience was not only super unique but also super personable. Dr. Dargie does not only have an amazing bedside manner, but he also is an amazing instructor and it shows with his students. I recommend this program to everybody, and I will most definitely be returning!”


“Being a first-time patient for the Botox Course, I admit I was a little nervous at the start but it came highly recommended by a friend so I signed up for both treatments, the botox and the fillers. My tension went away when I got there and met Brynn, who was very kind and informative, and took pictures of my face, as well as Dr Brittany Macdonald and her 4 scholars. Everyone was incredibly considerate and seemed very well informed about the procedures, which themselves were done very quickly. The botox treatments were surprisingly painless. I felt a couple of stings with the fillers, even though my face was numbed but it was nothing unbearable, and I was offered a fruit juice which I believe actually helped. I also want to mention that because this is a course, the procedures are very affordable for patients. It’s a win, win!

Thank you so much, everyone, I’ll be seeing you again.


“At first, I did not know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised and quite impressed. The session took place at a fabulous hotel sandwiched in the financial district of Montreal, close to a metro station making it easily accessible for career people. Courtney was lovely and kind as I filled out intake forms. The students were warm and all were doctors, nurses, or dentists etc. Dr. Dargie is extremely professional, allowing his students to truly learn on their own, providing sound reasoning for why he might disagree with their initial assessment but still providing encouragement for where they were going… he surveyed the students and guided them during the entire process, from assessment to dosage, and then injecting. I could tell Dr. Dargie had extensive experience injecting botox and felt like I was in the most excellent of hands. I felt like I bought a Ferrari with a Honda budget given the reduced cost of botox because there was some teaching involved (heck, I even enjoyed learning!) Overall I HIGHLY recommend this course to both students and ‘patients’ alike!”


“I can honestly say I had the absolute best treatment as a patient model at The Botox Course. It was better work than I’ve received in expensive salons and spas. Everyone was knowledgeable, confident and kind. It was a great first experience for me and I will definitely return!”