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Dr. Dargie, MacDonald and Dale brought their expertise and taught injection skills based on best practice as defined by an expert panel, credible evidence and years of personal experience. They passed down knowledge and technique that can be trusted. Neuromodulator injection is a highly technical endeavor and can only be done well if taught well. This is NOT a skill one should try to master on your own. Know your injector and, more importantly, know their teacher!!!!


the botox course was one of the best educational experiences I have had. Dr. Dargie, Dr. Macdonald, Dr. Dale and all of the support staff at the botox course were kind, upbeat and very knowledgeable. They all made learning and consolidating the online course fun and enjoyable. I would very much recommend this course. A big thank you to all who made this course so enjoyable.


Absolutely loved this course, both the didactic and hands-on training. We had loads of expert training and injecting with Dr. Dargie and Samantha demonstrating where art meets science. Kudos to Courtney who kept everything going smoothly in an incredibly busy and fun clinic.


Amazing course! Dr. Dargie, Samantha and Courtney are truly a dream team. Great online content and lots of hands-on practice. I loved how the course focused on all aspects to help you become successful in the business of injecting neuromodulators. Hands-on training was fantastic. Great knowledge sharing and coaching. Lots of fun! Highly recommend this course to anyone! Thank you.


the botox course was fantastic! Dr. Dargie and his team were friendly, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. The didactic portion was engaging and easy to follow, but the hands-on training is what really took the cake... injection practice began at the very beginning of the day with lots of opportunity to refine safe and effective injection techniques on multiple patient models throughout the day. There was ample time to ask questions and every member of the team was able to answer appropriately and guide us in our learning based on our individual needs. The instructor to learner ratio was great as well. Overall, I would highly recommend the botox course to anyone looking to begin injecting neuromodulators and/or dermal fillers.


I highly recommend the botox course. The didactic online self paced modules were easy to navigate and provided many engaging videos. Dr Dargie and his team were friendly, knowledgeable and were fantastic at answering questions I had during the entire training process. The hands-on portion of the training was exceptional. Well organized with many patient models’ to facilitate learning. During the hands-on training, Dr Dargie and his team were patient and provided a calm atmosphere to promote learning. I would highly recommend the botox course to anyone interested in injecting neuromodulators.


Amazing course, both online and the hands-on portion. Very comprehensive, tons of hands-on practice with clients. The best of the best for instructors who truly care for their learners and clients. Definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting the top of the line teaching for botox treatments.


I had a great time taking this course with Andrew and Becky. It is commendable how quickly this team is able to help medical professionals feel comfortable and competent in neuromodulator injection. The course is structured beautifully which aids in the learning process. There are plenty of resources available and the learner leaves the course feeling ready to work independently.


Wonderful hands-on learning! The instructors are fabulous, and have the patience to guide you through the day taking the time to show you the right skills to learn to be the best injectors. The day is filled with models so there is no shortage of practicing what you learned in the online course, and what you observe your instructors teaching you. Would recommend to anyone looking to take a botox course!


This course was sensational. The online material delivered the theory at the correct level of detail for a medical professional ( I am an emergency physician) and included relevant supplementary videos. Courtney and the team ran an amazing practical day where I got lots of hand on experience consulting and injecting on diverse range of areas on both female and male patients. I would highly recommend this course and personally look forward to participating in their filler training.


After taking the botox and filler course I knew I wanted to continue learning through this program and the amazing educators. This Fellowship program did not disappoint. Not only does this program give you the opportunity to advance your injection skills but teaches you everything else that goes along with a successful medical cosmetic clinic. Whether you are new to injectables or an experienced injector you will undoubtably learn from this program as it is tailored to your specific needs. I was given the opportunity to work with Becky at External Affairs it was a privilege to learn from such a talented injector and business woman. Her passion for the industry is evident in her teaching. So thankful Dr. Dargie has developed such a great program to learn from the best.


Wow. Lots of hands-on practice! Dr. Dargie and his team are extremely knowledgeable and approachable. They are there to share EVERYTHING with you! Even in times of COVID, following proper procedures and protocols, we were provided with a safe and very comfortable learning environment. Time flew by fast as we had so much fun while learning about the amazing world of neuromodulators! Double thumbs up to the botox course!!!


I can’t say enough great things about the botox course! I took the botox course as well as the filler course and I am definitely so thrilled that I invested into this education. I’ve been wanting to get into this industry for so long and believe I chose the right course to get me there! The knowledge I’ve gained as well as all the hands-on experience was unlike anything else. I felt confident and supported the whole time and it was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with Dr. Dargie as well as Becky! If you have been looking for a course to take, THIS IS IT!


This was truly the greatest course I have ever attended. I did the botox and Filler course and couldn’t be happier. It was truly a great experience for me and I have met some stunning people in the process. We were educated on anatomy in great detail and this made me comfortable to know that I can be a safe injector. The best of all is that we got a lot of hands-on experience and I am comfortable injecting both botox and fillers. We were also educated and informed on best business practices and advice was given on how to get started. The educators are awesome people with expert knowledge and experience in their field and I think it is very generous of them to share years of experience in this field with us.


I have taken a few courses in Neuromodulators and never felt confident when I left them. the botox course went over and above my expectations. The staff are experts in the industry with the goal of having the best injectors out there. We were provided with just the right amount of anatomy and a tonne of opportunity to inject with constructive feedback given and opportunity to ask questions in a comfortable environment. Highly highly recommend.


As a former academic physician currently retraining in aesthetic medicine, this has been my fifth injectables course from various organizational bodies across Canada, I can attest to the botox course being next level; above and beyond all others. This course offers an extensive practical component that is evidence based and patient centered. There is also an exceptional focus on anatomy, physiology and patient safety. The instructors (Nurse Becky, Nurse Mandeep and Anne) were so professional and continuously offered confidence boosting guidance and clinical pearls. Last but not least, it has been an honour to have been taught by Dr. Andrew Dargie, a true master of this artful medicine, dedicated to upholding all learners to the highest standard of practice for the benefits of patients.


As a physician, I have spent my professional life attending continuing education events. I was recently at “the botox course”, and I found it to be the best education I have ever received. The small class size, in combination with highly educated and personable educators, was beyond compare. The information provided, supervised injection practice, and unrushed opportunities to ask questions makes me feel totally comfortable to safely start my practice with neuromodulator injections. Hats off to this team.


Words cannot express how amazing the botox and filler Course actually is. As a practicing ER and ICU registered nurse I have always taken interest in medical aesthetics but had no idea where to begin. A colleague of mine highly recommended this course to me. I am beyond happy with my decision to finally take this course and I wish I had done it sooner. From the highly organized online modules, the excellent hands-on clinical experience in a safe, professional environment along with the extremely knowledgeable guest speakers, I know for certain I couldn't have started this journey with a better team. I would highly recommend taking the botox and filler course to all medical professionals, it will not disappoint. This course and its instructors deliver exactly what is promised and more. Thank you Dr. Dargie, Dr. Macdonald and team for the incredible experience.


the botox course far surpassed my expectations. Anatomy, cosmetic and therapeutic use, safety and the business aspect of administering neuromodulators were all covered in a comprehensive and engaging way. The small group format of the course, with exceptional amounts of hands-on injecting time provided the experience necessary to feel confident and safe to add neuromodulators to my practice immediately. Dr. Dargie and team are clearly the best in the business, and run the best course in the industry hands-down. 100% recommend.


With all the different injector courses there are available, I was unsure which direction to go. I mistakenly took another course prior to taking the botox course and the filler course. With the other course, the hands-on training I received was what I would consider negligible, and in no way could produce a competent injector. After that horrible experience I decided to enroll in both the botox course and the filler course, and my experience was exceptional. The information provided in the online training is up to date with the latest research for information and technique, and the hands-on training truly remarkable. The small group training allows you to have the most amount of hands-on training to every area possible with actual clients.


As an NP I appreciated the attention to detail in both the online and in person lectures. Dr. Dargie and his team focus treating patients as a whole (which I very much consider of utmost importance having a primary care background). I feel confident about my new skill set after taking this course and would recommend it to any healthcare colleagues.


This is hands down the best botox and filler course out there!! The online content was organized concise and informative and the live demonstrations were game changing. Dr. Dargie and his team have clearly worked incredibly hard to make this course a positive experience. They really care about your learning and provide you with ample opportunities for hands-on learning. I will definitely be taking more courses through them!


As a dental professional, I am continuously doing CE and other courses to stay current and to learn new skills in the field. I'd like to think that I've developed a good understanding of which types of courses provide the best educational experience, and I can tell you 'the botox course' is AMAZING! It consists of a combined didactic and hands-on training that is current, evidence-based, and practical. The course not only provides a thorough technical training on neuromodulator treatments, but also imparts valuable information on the 'business aspect' of actually putting your new skills into practice. I'd especially like to acknowledge Drs. Dargie, Dale and Mann, for their patience, expertise, and passion for teaching. It is clear that the team is highly educated and dedicated to providing not only a safe and positive patient experience, but ensuring that new providers are well-trained and confident as they start their botox journey. THANK YOU TO the botox course!!


Amazing experience! The instructors were experienced injectors who guided you with positivity and empathy. They emphasized that everyone is nervous when learning how to inject neuromodulators and put the participants at ease. The online training was comprehensive with excellent video demonstrations.


I am highly impressed with the amount of guidance and support I received at the botox and filler Course. The expert knowledge demonstrated by Becky RN and Dr. Brittany MacDonald gave me the foundational knowledge and experience that will assist me in my career as an injectables nurse! I cannot wait to grow and continue to learn in this specialty. I recommend this course to any healthcare provider interested in injectables!


I would 100% recommend the botox and filler course to anyone who is looking to get into the field of medical aesthetics. The online course provided lectures based on anatomy, injection techniques, complications and how to avoid them, as well as, how to be successful in patient teaching, pre and post care, and the business of aesthetics. It gave me the knowledge and adequately prepared me to go to the in person training. For the in-person training, the instructors (Dr. Brittany McDonald, Dr. Steven Huynh, and NP Kerri Bogle) were AMAZING!! They were knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and made sure everyone (clients and learners) felt comfortable and prepared. They were always there to answer any questions I had and talked me through difficult concepts until I was comfortable and confident in what I was doing. Another bonus to this course, the amount of clients we got to inject! I can guarantee, you will not get that amount of clients anywhere else! I injected every aspect of the face and neck on multiple clients. The class size was kept small to give us more time injecting and less time watching. They just continued to bring in more and more clients in making sure we were all prepared. They also checked in often to ensure we were getting all the aspects of injecting we needed. They took their time, taught us vital 'pearls' and take aways to make us safe injectors, to increase client satisfaction, and to ensure we are great at injecting. I cannot recommend the botox and filler course enough. 10/10!


Very professional and informative course material. Hands-on training provided an amazing experience. Dr.Dargie and his assistant are very knowledgeable and confident, gentle and kind. All the supportive team are doing an exceptional job! Thank you for such an enjoyable learning!


Excellent course I reviewed many different courses available before going with this one, and I’m happy I did. At first I questioned if it might be expensive compared to others, however now having gone through it, I believe it was good value and would recommend it to anyone looking for a botox or filler course. The online modules are excellent and test your knowledge at every step. The in person hand on days were narrated by great & knowledgeable staff that made you feel at ease with injecting. The endless amount of patients they organized and hands-on training is second to none. If you're looking at taking any botox/filler courses look no further, this is the one to take. Thank you Steven and Paula for the wonderful experience.


I had the opportunity to attend both the botox and filler course with Dr. Dargie. I went through the online learning first doing all the quizzes and I found it extremely helpful giving many insights and demonstrations that were incredibly useful. He is quite clear that there is not just one way to do things and acknowledges that each injector will find their own specific way, but this course provides such an excellent foundation for this. Dr. Dargie has put together not only a fantastic online informative course but the hands-on training was beyond what I would have expected. The flow of patients was perfect. The steps of watching and injecting were well thought out and safe both for the new injector as well as the patient. Dr. Dargie was extremely helpful and amazingly gracious as we all learned safe injection. He is obviously a competent, insightful and artful injector, as well as an enthusiastic and skilled teacher. Undoubtedly, he has invested much time, work, thought, organization, and effort to put this together. The staff that assisted him and helped with many aspects of the course were outstanding. I whole heartedly recommend this course!


This is a great course. I spent a lot of time researching the various courses available to take for botox and fillers. This was one of the few which didn't leave me feeling like I was being pressured to leave a deposit within a specific short timeframe (like in used car sales). There was no pressure, no bargaining, no time-limited offers. It was genuine good quality teaching being offered. The online didactic portion is excellent and the in-person training was very relaxed, low pressure, and really first-class. Highly recommended!!!


This course was outstanding. I went into the course feeling apprehensive about aesthetic medicine and left feeling much more confident and ready to treat! The environment was welcoming and not intimidating. The instructors were so knowledgeable and keen to teach. I felt entirely supported during my patient interactions. I highly recommend this course!


the botox course and filler Course were excellent programs that served as a strong introduction into some of the most popular and skillful aspects of medical aesthetics. The courses are user friendly, informative, and well laid out online, leading to a great three day (if doing both botox and filler) weekend of extensive hands-on training. Drs. Dargie and Dale were excellent teachers that helped the learners build confidence and competence, and the entire team was a pleasure to work with. I have absolutely no regrets about having done both courses, and I feel well equipped to look ahead at putting what I learned into practice.


Such a great course! Lots of hands-on experience. The physicians and staff were so welcoming. I learned so much that weekend. Looking forward to what the future holds for me. Thanks to the patients as well, who were so patient with us, they definitely made the experience so great!


The BEST botox and filler course EVER!! It is very evident that Dr. Dargie and his amazing team put so much hard work and preparation into both the online and hand on training. Good course layout, live demonstration, and hand on application. So much emphasis placed on safety and achieving the best results. For those just starting, and is searching for the course to take, this is THE ONE! After taking this class, I’ve gained the confidence and the competence to start practicing cosmetic injections. Of course, I will also be pursuing fellowship with Dr. Dargie and his team in the near future!


In my 25 year nursing career I have taken a number of courses and attended numerous workshops. I can say with confidence that the botox and filler course facilitated by Dr Andrew Dargie and Dr. Brittany McDonald was exceptional. The on-line learning about neuromodulators and fillers prepared me very well for the 3 days of didactic training. I started the on-line learning with no experience in either field and by the end of the hands-on training I now have the confidence to take the skills and knowledge I have obtained to bring my learning and skill from a novice to proficient level. Dr. Dargie & McDonald are experts in the field and willingly share their expertise and knowledge. They truly want everyone who takes the courses to grow and be successful in their practice. Their kindness, positive encouragement, gentleness, patience and caring were evident in all they did. It is very unusual to find two professionals at their skill level so willing to share in everything to do with neuromodulators and fillers. The support team is also amazing. So approachable and positive. I would encourage anyone who is looking to further their knowledge or skill level to take these courses. The pearls of wisdom that are shared will most definitely take you in your practice to the next level. The food and snacks were good too! Thank you for a most enjoyable 3 days!