Sunday November 14, 2021

“At first, I did not know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised and quite impressed. The session took place at a fabulous hotel sandwiched in the financial district of Montreal, close to a metro station making it easily accessible for career people. Courtney was lovely and kind as I filled out intake forms. The students were warm and all were doctors, nurses, or dentists etc. Dr. Dargie is extremely professional, allowing his students to truly learn on their own, providing sound reasoning for why he might disagree with their initial assessment but still providing encouragement for where they were going… he surveyed the students and guided them during the entire process, from assessment to dosage, and then injecting. I could tell Dr. Dargie had extensive experience injecting botox and felt like I was in the most excellent of hands. I felt like I bought a Ferrari with a Honda budget given the reduced cost of botox because there was some teaching involved (heck, I even enjoyed learning!) Overall I HIGHLY recommend this course to both students and ‘patients’ alike!”