Sunday November 14, 2021

“Being a first-time patient for the Botox Course, I admit I was a little nervous at the start but it came highly recommended by a friend so I signed up for both treatments, the botox and the fillers. My tension went away when I got there and met Brynn, who was very kind and informative, and took pictures of my face, as well as Dr Brittany Macdonald and her 4 scholars. Everyone was incredibly considerate and seemed very well informed about the procedures, which themselves were done very quickly. The botox treatments were surprisingly painless. I felt a couple of stings with the fillers, even though my face was numbed but it was nothing unbearable, and I was offered a fruit juice which I believe actually helped. I also want to mention that because this is a course, the procedures are very affordable for patients. It’s a win, win!

Thank you so much, everyone, I’ll be seeing you again.