Course Testimonials

“As a physician, I have spent my professional life attending continuing education events. I was recently at “the botox course”, and I found it to be the best education I have ever received. The small class size, in combination with highly educated and personable educators, was beyond compare. The information provided, supervised injection practice, and unrushed opportunities to ask questions makes me feel totally comfortable to safely start my practice with neuromodulator injections. Hats off to this team.”


“I spent MONTHS researching places throughout Canada where I could take neuromodulator training. I compared, prices, reviews, and spoke to people who had taken courses at different places. After a phone call with Anne, I ultimately decided to register for the botox course. For two months I wondered if I had made the right decision, after all it is a huge investment, both financially and personally. I completed the training last weekend with Dr. Dargie and Nurse Rebekah and the course exceeded my expectations! In fact I wish it was more than 2 days because it was so much fun! I can’t wait to attend the filler course in November!”


“The hands-on training with real patient’s was a highlight of this course for me. My confidence level boosted up after getting a chance to put the course material into real practice. I felt at ease with asking questions. The whole team is very knowledgeable and approachable. I would highly recommend this course.”


“The Calgary botox course was beyond my expectations. It was well organized and easy to follow. I really feel it has prepared me to be more than competent at injecting botox both cosmetically and for medical uses. Dr. Dargie and his team (Anne and Rebekah) went out of their way to make sure everyone felt comfortable and confident. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in obtaining these skills. Dr. Dargie made the course material interesting and relevant. His slides were well thought out and detailed. Anne also went into the business aspect of botox and cosmetics which was very helpful.

In addition to the course material, we also had lots of hands on experience with most students injecting four or more patients. It was a non-intimidating environment where everyone felt free to ask questions when necessary.

I look forward to taking further cosmetics courses from this group of highly trained individuals. ”


“The information was relevant, direct and easy to interpret. The discussions and hands on experience were invaluable. All educators were professional, supportive and clearly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this course to other medical practitioners interested in developing knowledge and skills required for neuromodulator use.”


“The botox course was really well put together. Before the course even began the team was readily available to answer my questions and concerns. The specifics of the course were clearly outlined, and on the day of the course, they had staff waiting to show us where to go. The course was well organized and the theory complimented the practice component of the course nicely. The hands-on experience was my favourite. It was provided in a stress-free and supportive environment, I left feeling confident as a new injector. Thank you Dr. Dargie, Rebekah, and Anne for all of your hard work. I look forward to learning more from your team as you expand the program!”


“I have been interested in learning therapeutic and cosmetic neuromodulator injections for a long time. After extensive research into various courses available in Canada and the USA, I decided to take the course offered by “the botox course”. Not only was it very professional, it provided all of the necessary knowledge and competency to start practicing immediately. There was adequate hands on experience and it did not require countless hours and travel to obtain sufficient experience. Dr. Dargie and his associates, were a delight and I would highly recommend this course.”


“I have been doing botox for 2.5 years now for therapeutic and now I wanted to expand my practice to cosmetics. I was referred to this course from a few other colleagues who had done it before, as well as a couple of representatives of some of the major pharmaceutical companies. With such great raving reviews, I thought it would try it out. My experience in the course over the two days was amazing! It was a very comprehensive course that took us through some things that I actually wasn’t aware of, including a lot of the business side of running a cosmetic practice, not to mention the different products to be able to use and the different areas that we can use botox for, some of the indications that were completely out of my realm of expertise.

My final impressions for the course, I loved it! All of the instructors were fantastic, and I would repeat the course in a few years just as a refresher. I would definitely recommend it to all my colleagues both in medicine, nursing and dentistry as a very good comprehensive course if they want to try and get into cosmetic botox or even if they just want to freshen up their skills.”


“I was really impressed with the course all around. It covered many of the things I wanted to incorporate into my practice, which is primary therapeutic management plans and options. It was also a very comprehensive approach to cosmetic neuromodulator therapy. I really appreciated the didactic teaching sessions and I felt ready when we started the hands on practice. The hands on was well supervised, there was lots of opportunity and I feel far more confident in doing it and confident enough to start incorporating it into my practice. I went into the course with a list of expectations and hopes of what I would come away with in terms of looking at this from a medical practice and business perspective, and they provided me with everything that I was hoping for including how to incorporate this into my business, insurance implications, sourcing and managing product. All in all, I was really impressed, staff was very professional and it was a lot of fun.”


“Before I arrived at the course, I had high expectations and they not only met my expectations but exceeded them! The course was well thought out, it didn’t have any redundant or unnecessary information, it got right to the point. It was a concise approach because they told me exactly what I need to do. My final impression, I think it was a very adequate course, I feel prepared, I feel ready and I am very excited to get into a more cosmetic practice! ”


“I cannot say enough good things about this course. It’s all encompassing, detailed, direct, and exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I went in knowing very little about neuromodulators, and left feeling ready to start a business. There was plenty of live demonstrations, and hands on experience. Dr. Dargie, Rebekah, and Anne know their stuff. They work well as a team, and have created the best course I have ever been to. The small class size meant there was plenty of mentoring throughout, and you don’t get lost in a sea of people. The kit they send you with has all that you need. They have literally made it possible to walk away and get started. Thank you to everyone at the botox course!”


“As an RN who has worked in acute care for the past 13 years, I had very little knowledge about what opportunities I might have with Medical Aesthetics. I had heard great things about the botox course, and so I had high expectations that I too would have an excellent learning experience. The course educators have really put together a program that is extremely relevant, applicable, and comprehensive for anyone interested in pursuing opportunities in this field. Hands on practice, guided by experienced educators on actual patients, really built on the foundations we were given. I left this course feeling far more prepared, confident and inspired than I had expected to. Without a doubt, I would recommend anyone interested in the field of Medical Aesthetics to go straight to the leaders in the industry, with the botox course.”