Where Should BC Dentists Get Trained To Do Botox Injections?
Friday December 11, 2020

Where should BC dentists go to get trained to perform neuromodulator treatments? Well, the answer is simple – the botox course

Can BC Dentists Administer Botox? 

Dentists in British Columbia are licenced to perform neuromodulator treatments as long as they have appropriate training to safely administer these products (Read Why Dentists Can Now Provide Botox Injections here).

Over the years, the botox course has trained many dentists and oral surgeons on how to perform both cosmetic and therapeutic neuromodulator treatments. 

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Dentists are obvious candidates to perform neuromodulator treatments given their knowledge and background education. Many patients who have dental caries, tooth decay and headaches suffer from jaw clenching. Overactivation of the masseter muscle can play a significant role in contributing to these issues. Administering botox can make significant changes in quality of life as well as improved oral health. 


Why Choose the botox course

Dentists who take the botox course in Vancouver, Kelowna and Victoria can anticipate comprehensive lectures, evidence-based teaching, and extensive hands-on training to expand their scope of practice to include botox injections or fine-tune their skills and business knowledge if they are already performing these procedures. 

For more information, call the botox course today and speak to one of our course directors, who can answer all of your questions. 

The botox course is Canada’s Gold Standard botox training. We provide a comprehensive and practical course aimed at teaching medical professionals the relevant skills and techniques required for botox injections. Our courses are designed for licensed and authorized health care professionals, including GPs, specialists, nurses, and dentists. We offer botox training courses in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montreal, Halifax, Victoria and Kelowna. Book your spot at one of our training courses today.