Why Medical Professionals Are Entering Medical Aesthetics
Thursday October 10, 2019

Over the years, medical professionals have been interested in entering the medical aesthetics industry. What has seen this shift in career changes? 

The reasons are simple: there is a demand for professionals, the career change can be rewarding (both financially and professionally) and there is a definitive lifestyle change. At the botox course, we offer a two-day evidence based, hands on and comprehensive course to help you become a confident and competent injector. 

4 Reasons Why Medical Professionals Are Entering The Medical Industry 

The Demand For Treatments Is At An All-Time High 

The demand for botox injections in Canada is continuing to rise. People are spending more money to undertake treatments like botox and fillers than ever before. 

As such, the medical aesthetics industry is growing fast, and as it continues to grow, there is an increased demand for professionals.  

Performing botox procedures is within this scope of practice for medical doctors, specialists, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses, physician assistants, dentists and pharmacists (depending on your provincial regulatory body). There are many different opportunities for work including: joining an existing clinic, integrating it into your current medical practice, and you can always go down the entrepreneurial route and forge your own identity in the industry. 

You can see why choosing this as a career path can offer you endless opportunities to expand and grow your career.

Botox Training Is Readily Available 

The struggle for a lot of medical professionals wanting to enter the medical aesthetics industry is that there is a lack of quality training courses. 

Botox injections and medical aesthetics are not subjects taught in medical or nursing school. It isn’t considered part of the curriculum, so medical professionals seeking training and education might struggle to find a course that offers them what they need. 

Thankfully, there is a rise in botox courses available, including those offered by the botox course. Lead by experienced medical doctors and nurses, you will get hands-on practice on live patients that WE provide, botox background information, cosmetic and therapeutic botox treatments, extensive anatomy lectures, business advice, proper injection techniques and more! 

Most significantly, you will get the confidence to do the job professionally and safely. It is perfect for doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physician assistants and pharmacists wanting to change their careers or add another skill to their repertoire. (Please note that the college guidelines are different in every province so we encourage you to contact your provincial licensing body to confirm that this is within your scope of practice).

At the botox course, our goal is to provide a gold standard education program to teach you how to become a safe injector and incorporate this exciting new skill set into your scope of practice. 

Rewarding Your Lifestyle – Both Financially & Professionally 

Venturing into this profession means you are opening yourself up to a rewarding experience. 

Cosmetic treatments including botox and filler are elective procedures, and ones that can be financially lucrative and personally rewarding when done correctly. Many people venture into the medical aesthetics industry due to the welcoming clinic environments, thankful patients and flexible working hours. At the botox course, we offer a business lecture to share different ways you can break into this industry whether it be joining an existing practice or starting your own! 

There is also the reward of helping people. Being a cosmetic medical professional, you will be making people feel beautiful and helping them regain their confidence. There is an element of science and art, which entails creating custom treatment plans, so your job will not be monotonous. It is a fulfilling part of the job that is always overlooked, as you will be inspiring happiness and confidence into other people.

Improved Lifestyle 

Finally, you will get to enjoy a different environment and atmosphere in your everyday life. Living the hospital lifestyle can be stressful, tiring and emotionally overwhelming. You’ll work long hours and have to deal with tense situations and sick patients every day. 

The medical aesthetics industry is very different. You’ll notice an improvement in your lifestyle, as you’ll have regular hours in a cosmetic clinic (no more night shifts!), more free time and won’t have to deal with intense daily situations – all the while still helping people. You’ll feel better, less stressed and more relaxed with your work.

The botox course is providing Canada with the Gold Standard of botox training. For medical professionals looking to take up an interest in medical aesthetics, the pathway can be confusing and stressful. That is why our comprehensive and practical courses are aimed at teaching learners the skills and knowledge to handle botox injections. Our courses are designed for licenced and authorized health care professionals, including GPs, specialists, nurses, and dentists. Our botox training is available throughout Canada. Jump online at https://www.thebotoxcourse.com/ for more information.